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Direct Mail & FulfillmentFall In Love With Direct Mail
All Over Again

Despite what you may have heard, rumors of the demise of direct mail marketing are greatly exaggerated. In fact, direct mail is alive and kicking and still a great way for businesses to generate new leads and strengthen their relationship with current customers.

At PCH Litho, we are a total direct mail solution. No matter the size and content of your campaign, we can print it, collate, tab, assemble, stuff, label and mail it on deadline and probably for a lot less than you imagined.

Assembling, stuffing and labeling hundreds, or even thousands of packages on your own can take more time and effort than your business can afford. At PCH Litho, we have developed several advanced, automated systems that allow us to drastically cut the time and labor of this process. We are also highly knowledgeable of postal protocols, meaning we can probably obtain significant postal discounts that you may not even know exist.

Our automated systems also allow us to offer our clients the option to personalize their direct mail campaign, whether that means incorporating each recipient’s name on the mailer, including a unique URL on each piece, or more. We can help you increase the impact of your direct mail campaign and track its results better than ever.

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